Touchstone Wines portfolio of unique premium wines is the work of independent family-operated wineries and artisan producers from diverse parts of the winemaking world. These wines are crafted to express full varietal character in a consumer friendly style. Each wine is intended to offer a glimpse of its origins, from Piedmont, Italy to Riverland, Australia, and be an ambassador for its region.

Understanding the tastes and preferences of U.S. consumers, these producers are innovators who practice their trade with dedication and commitment. They often blend generations-old family practices with modern farming, while complementing traditional winemaking technique with state-of-the-art equipment.

In the vineyards, they are respectful of the land that gives it fruit. Modern farming practices are applied to nurture this land and the latest research utilized to grow the best quality grapes. Attention is given to micro-climates and soil composition, exposing the benefits of “terroir”. All efforts are made to ensure the full development of ripe fruit flavors and maximize the varietal tipicity of local grape varieties. At the winery, the approach is one of minimal intrusion in the winemaking process for the wines to demonstrate regional character.

Our esteemed colleagues labor intensely to produce boutique wines of the finest quality, and their passion is expressed in consumer friendly wines of regional distinction and artistic expression. Hence, their wines, each in its own rank, are a touchstone of regional quality and taste.

Ricosssa Casorzo News Release
Times Square, New York, NY