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Does Bathmate Hydropumps Work?

Almost everyone who has researched male enhancement products has come across the very popular Bathmate pumps. Since they need to be filled with water before use, a relatively new concept, a common question is: does Bathmate Hydromax Pump work? It is only after getting more informed that they begin to understand why these devices have become the #1 selling penis pumps worldwide.

Different male enhancement methods come with a wide range of track records. Many make outlandish claims they never come close to satisfying and unfortunately this is more the norm than the exception. Though pills have a notoriously bad reputation, some penis stretchers have delivered interesting results. So in all of this confusion, where do hydro pumps and why should they be trusted?

Most notable about hydro pumps is that they rely on actual biological principles that are known to work. Take a look at the video above which explains very well how and why the Bathmate works.

Of course, after establishing the fact that hydropumpbs can work, a potential user usually wants to know what results he can expect. Since this is a legitimate product and not some fly-by-night fad, don’t expect to hear that you will gain 3″ in just a few weeks. If you are gullible enough to believe this is possible then you are the perfect prey for hucksters that sell fake products on the internet.

However, if you are serious about getting larger and willing to invest 15 minutes a day of your time, 3 to 4 times a week, then you can make interesting gains in length and girth over a period of months. Naturally, the longer you keep up this regimen, the better your gains will be. As for the RESULTS you can expect to achieve, they range between 1 to 2.75 inches in length and up to 30% in girth.

Also, since normal sessions with the Bathmate last only about 15 minutes, you will get a better return on the time you invest when compared to extenders which, apart from being less comfortable, also require up to 12 hours of use per day. Making the situation even more difficult to manage is the fact that rigid extenders are visible under clothing which limits where they can be worn.

We should clarify that even though extenders have their drawbacks, they are proven to be the most effective when trying to add length. Though discomfort is a common problem some of the better ones, like the Sizegenetics, are much better in that respect. However, by far our highest recommendation goes to the Phallosan Forte which is not just more comfortable but also has the advantage of allowing users to wear it while they sleep.

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